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The HempenRoad (1997) ~ Documentary about industrial cannabis and medical marijuana

The HempenRoad ~ Cascadia Journey: A travel documentary about commercial hemp industry in the Pacific NW in 1996-7.

Produced, written and narrated by DaveO, directed by Eiji Masuda, the HempenRoad is an experimental, multi-media roadtrip exploring commercial hemp businesses and conferences in the Pacific northwest. The film explores many uses of cannabis including fiber, paper, fuel, food, beer, medicine, as well as delving into the political and environmental issues around legalization.

With legalization in Washington and Oregon, and an ever-changing landscape in BC, this film shows the roots of a movement going from society’s fringes towards mainstream acceptance by exploring economic and environmental benefits.

Beginning in the clearcut Olympic peninsula, the film follows narrator Dave “Uncle Weed” Olson as he visits a variety of colourful personalities and interesting businesses. Stop include: Victoria, BC; Eugene and Portland Oregon; and, Olympia and Seattle Washington, before finishing with exclusive footage of the groundbreaking Commercial Industrial Hemp Symposium in Vancouver, B.C.

Note: made in 1996 using footage from 16mm, Super 8, Hi8 tape, scans, 35mm stills, web video and editing with Adobe Premiere 1.0 on a 200Mhz Mac-clone and a 9Gb harddrive.

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* Directed, Filmed, Edited — Eiji Masuda (RIP)
* Produced, Written, Narrated — Dave Olson
* Executive Producer — Robert Lunday (RIP)
* Additional filming & art direction — Misa N.
* Additional Photography — Naoyo Masuda
* Vid box Layout, Design & Printing — Pat Wood
* WWW Graphics — Ben Livingston

The HempenRoad features:

Victoria, Vancouver Isle, BC
* Ian Hunter
* Sarah Hannah Bedard
* Odette Kalman
* Eric Hughes
* Alice Bracegirdle

Eugene, Oregon
* Todd Dalotto
* Carolyn Moran
* Bruce & Diedre Mullican

Portland, Oregon
* D. Paul Stanford
* Cheryl Kolander
* Chris Iverson

Olympia, Washington
* Charles Tomala, Jay Stewart, Scott Orr
* Bob Owen
* Dennis Peron

Seattle, Washington
* David Edwards
* S.David Stunda
* Rob Jungman
* Khamphy S.
* Tom Cluck

Vancouver, BC
* Mari Kane
* Mosse Mellish
* Geof Kime
* Jace Callaway
* Richard Kozlowski
* John Stahl
* Brian McLay
* “Dr.” Alexander Sumach
* Mrs. Jean Peart
* David Watson
* Brian Taylor
* Sotos Petrides
* and other speakers and audience members at the Commercial Industrial Hemp Symposium

The HempenRoad soundtrack includes:

* Phat Sidy Smokehouse
* JahWah
* Elemental
* Chris Sullivan
* Bread Mountain
* 420 Love
* Chris Jacobsen
* Old Time Relijun
* Collective Shoe
* J. Williamson Ensemble
* Systolie Diastolie
* and more . . .


Review from: The Journal of the Industrial Hemp Association

This is as much a travelogue of the Pacific northwest as it is a hemp video. The opening credits, soundtrack and narration give a good idea of what is in store: a collage of images, sounds and ideas. The video is a whirlwind tour of many northwestem hemp businesses.

Some of the more interesting segments include an introduction to Ian Hunter, an activist running for mayor and owner of the Sacred Herb in Victoria BC.; Ecosource paper’s Odette Kalman’s discussion of hemp for paper pulp; and the Oregon Tax Act folks discussing marijuana. Cheryl Kolander at Aurora Dyeworks, offers a demonstration of the indigo-dyeing of hemp. WHEN, the Washington Hemp Educational Network presents a discussion of marijuana as medicine with Dennis Peron.

Finally, the video moves on to the 1997 Commercial and Industrial Hemp Symposium with speakers Geof Kime of Hempline, Jace Callaway discussing his oil seed crop, Richard Kozlowski of the Natural Fibers Institute, Mari Kane of Hempworld, and John Stahl with the Greenman Paper mill, on paper products, Brian McLay of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, “Dr.” Alexander Sumach, Mrs. Jean Peart of Health Canada, David Watson of the IHA and Brian Taylor, mayor of Grand Forks, BC. The symposium ended with closing statements by Sotos Petrides of Wiseman Noble.

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