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Cannabis Prohibition: A War on the People (New Documentary)

‘Cannabis Prohibition: A War on the People’ makes a case for cannabis legalization and exposes the hypocritical and oppressive tactics governments use to keep the plant illegal.

**This video is intended for activist and educational purposes. Some images may be violent/disturbing. Any copyrighted material is the property of its creators and is used under the fair dealing provisions of the ‘Canadian Copyright Act’ and the American ‘Fair Use Act’.

Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs report:

Tories use majority to pass omnibus bill:

Canada’s Crime Rate In 2011 Lowest Since 1972:

The War On Drugs:

Majority of Canadians support legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana:

Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half:

Smoking marijuana won’t give you lung cancer:

Marijuana relieves muscles tightness, pain of MS:–marijuana-relieves-muscles-tightness-pain-of-multiple-sclerosis-study

Cannabidiol May Fight Alzheimer’s Disease:

Marijuana’s journey to legal health treatment:

Mexican official: CIA ‘manages’ drug trade:

Punishing pot growers more severely than pedophiles?:

WikiLeaks and the War on Drugs:,1#

Numbers Tell of Failure in Drug War:

Global illicit drug users to rise 25% by 2050:

Uruguay to sell marijuana to reduce crime:

Illegal drugs: Canada’s growing international market:

Making Economic Sense:

Earlywine, M. (2002). Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Nolin, P.C. (2003). Cannabis: Report of the Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

What Happened When Portugal Decriminalized Drugs?:

Quasar Marijuana Plant:

4/20 Attracts Cannabis Smokers:

4/20 Ottawa 2010:

13 Dead As Mexico Drug War Heats Up:

49 Dead in Sign of Increasing Brutality in Mexico’s Drug War:

49 Headless Bodies Dumped on Mexico Highway:

Activist Who Smoked In Canadian Parliament Smokes Again on CBC:

Alcohol Prohibition:

Canada has the most pot smokers:

Congressmen Polis Grills DEA Admin:

Flintstones Cigarette Commercial:

High Above Vancouver:

Iran Contra Drug Smuggling:

Rob Nicholson Pushing Prohibition:

Liberals Party For Legalize Marijuana:

Mexico Drug War:

NDP against marijuana decriminalization:

Obama Spoke Fast & Furious Before Holder Claimed He Knew:

Opium fields guarded by U.S. troops in Afghanistan:

Police Destroy $200K Of Pot Plants:

Reefer Madness:


Stephen Harper Talks About Marijuana on YouTube:

134 tons of pot burns in Mexico:

Rob Nicholson, Bill C10:

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